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"One of these days you're going to wake up in a coma."
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10/06/2017 09:45 CET   36355. Why Willow is one of the most important LGBTQ TV characters of all time. 
24/03/2017 05:39 CET   36219. Does Firefly's appeal partly lie in its limited run?  
11/03/2017 07:18 CET   36193. 'Buffy' at 20: Jane Espenson picks her best and worst episodes.  
10/03/2017 05:50 CET   36183. Buffy's James Marsters on the hardest day of his professional life.  
05/03/2017 20:08 CET   36164. The top ten underrated Buffy episodes. 
05/03/2017 09:44 CET   36159. The top 20 Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes. 
03/03/2017 19:29 CET   36159. The top 20 Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes. 
09/01/2017 07:33 CET   36024. ranks the 20 most important episodes of Buffy. 
12/12/2016 04:37 CET   35991. Joss Whedon on why he's excited for Rogue One. 
17/11/2016 19:14 CET   35952. Bid on an original sketch from a Firefly painting commissioned by Alan Tudyk for Joss Whedon. 
14/11/2016 01:37 CET   35945. 32 fascinating behind the scenes facts about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 
06/11/2016 20:14 CET   35939. Revisiting 'Once More, With Feeling' on its 15th anniversary. 
22/10/2016 04:39 CET   35895. Joss Whedon talks about his new World War 2 screenplay and lots of other cool stuff. 
20/10/2016 18:11 CET   35894. Buffyverse characters ranked by screen time. 
16/10/2016 21:35 CET   35887. Buffy Summers is one of Entertainment Weekly's 50 most powerful superheroes. 
16/10/2016 03:39 CET   35883. Ten reasons why Angel is better than Buffy. 
09/07/2016 21:09 CET   35691. Ten Buffy novels you should read (if you haven't already). 
08/07/2016 17:11 CET   35688. Think you know your Buffy The Vampire Slayer season finale episodes? 
02/03/2016 15:10 CET   35398. Are you ready for the hardest Buffy The Vampire Slayer quiz ever? 
26/02/2016 18:52 CET   35383. Here's why the most terrifying Buffy villain isn't who you think it is. 

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