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March 11 2017

Ten famous writers love Buffy. Yes, today is all about the Buffy love.

A ton of YA writers have been influenced heavily by the show. I've met a good few, and just off the top of my head, Cassandra Clare, Patrick Ness, Kami Garcia, Holly Black, and Jeff Giles have all mentioned Buffy and Joss in discussions.
I love what Neil Gaiman has to say. But a nitpick: Buffy wasn't the only complex, strong, well developed woman on the show who was superpowered.
Cool, but disagree with Marlon James that Season 3 was when the show hit its stride. Either the "What's My Line?" 2-parter or "Surprise"/"Innocence" is what did it for me. Or "Passion", if you want the heaviest/most Emmy-worthy of the Season 2 output. Season 3 is excellent as well, though.
Actually, "Lie To Me" is damn near perfect too.
Season 2 probably has the highest number of the episodes I'd put on my all-time list of 10 or 15 greatest/favorite episodes, although it also has quite a few clunkers.

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