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May 27 2016

Kaylee Teddy Bear now available. QMx have also brought out Kaylee's Shindig Parasols for your cocktails. Shiny?

Both were in the first Firefly Loot Crate. :) The bear is cheaper than I anticipated, but the parasols seem way overpriced. But well, at least there is a way to add a couple for a nice cocktail party.
How could I possibly resist?
Once I saw the Teddi Bear has a Kaylee on the leg of her coveralls.
So Cute! And it would pair up well with my little bear from one of the Avon fund-raisers, with the autograph from Cherry Jones ....
Seriously qmx? The cheapest option to ship 30 cocktail parasols to the UK is $48.50?! Thats madness!

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