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January 22 2016

Loot Crate is doing a Firefly Cargo Crate subscription box. Every two months you'll get a crate with 5 to 7 exclusive collectibles (done by QmX by the looks of it).

I avoided loot crate for so long... But for firefly, they've got me.
Or perhaps Loot Crate is merely collecting our emails to judge if there's enough interest in proceeding with a Firefly-themed box series...
..whatever the plan, I signed up.
Be nice if they gave you the cost up front, rather than making you sign up to find out. I'm assuming it's somewhere around the $100 that the Star Wars one was. And I don't think that includes shipping...which would be 6 times the amount, if they're shipping every two months.
At "$65+ value" per crate, I would guess somewhere in the $50 range max. I signed up for more information when it's available :)
Got the email to order today. $40. Not sure if I wanna get in on that though. I love me some Firefly, but I can't decide if it's really worth it or not, even if it is "only" $40 every two months.

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